DIM – international Charity Organization

We help people of Ukraine affected by the war by providing humanitarian aid to civilians on the frontline, and protective equipment to soldiers so that they could get back to their families alive.

Your Donation will help us provide assistance to those in need.

We care. We act.

Our Mission.

To everyone whose heart aches for Ukraine.

To everyone who cares and does not step aside at these dark times in the history of the humanity.

We were always helping those in need. Donated to cure children, helped homeless people, supported volunteers who dedicated their lives to help abandoned pets. We were among the first to provide financial assistance and beyond to the people of Donbass when Russia invaded them back in 2014. These are the fundamentals for our credo, our responsibility and mission after all.

On Feb 24, 2022 our lives changed drastically. This will forever divide our lives to “before” and “after”. We won’t lie – we were shocked. We were stunned and terrified, when everything we cared for went into flames right in front of our eyes. Yet we withstood. We acted quick and started doing what we are best at – help people in need and support our glorious, vigorous and relentless army which successfully stands up against one of the world’s largest and strongest militaries. We lost our sleep, we postponed our businesses, we paused everything that was on our agendas before.

Now in order to lever up our efforts we have decided to run the largest fundraising campaign we ever made. We are now accepting donations from all around the globe and we want to thank you for showing that you care.

A “Dim” Charity Foundation now stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian people to survive through the hardest times in their history.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

Help Ukraine! Save the World!

Ukrainians are now fighting against the biggest challenge of the XXI century so far. Democracy or Tyranny, Freedom or Slavery, Prosperity or endless Corruption and Stagnation. This is not just a local conflict, this is our time battle of the modern civilized world vs aggressive medieval. If Ukraine falls, the whole civilisation will be thrown back for decades. We must stop Putin. We don’t have a chance to fail! And you may help us win this war!

Help Us Now

Our Main Priorities

Humanitarian Aid

We help most vulnerable social groups to survive this nightmare. We use our own logistic channels to deliver the humanitarian aid to those who need it most. Contribute now and help us saving the lives of innocent people who suffer from this brutal meaningless war.

Support for the Ukrainian Army

We help our brave soldiers get back home alive and well. We provide them with modern protective equipment – body armor, helmets, first aid kits to maximize their chances to return to their families.

Shadows of War