Helping Saving Lives. Ukraine.

We try every day, like all Ukrainians in our country! We all work together for the same goal – victory. Our country has become a single organism that works day and night without stopping. Every Ukrainian yearns to be useful, everyone strives to help his people. The whole world feels the strength of our spirit and supports us!🇺🇦

Our women are the most courageous and beautiful women in the world. They are everywhere: at the front, in the rear, in the kitchen they cook for our defenders and use all their skills to defeat good over evil. The hands of our beautiful ladies sew unloading vests and bulletproof vests for our army.
And the craftsmen from @cms__race make certified armor plates with their own hands, which are capable of stopping 5.56 NATO armor-piercing shells.
This can save thousands of lives of our guys!🇺🇦

Our foundation raises money for the necessary equipment for our brave soldiers.
Each of you can help us, everyone can be part of a single whole!
Follow the link in the profile description and help save the lives of our defenders!
Nobody should be left behind!
Together we will win, together we are Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!💙💛

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