Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


In the night, February 24 the president of Russia Volodymyr Putin in a videoappeal declared about beginning of the “special military operation” against Ukraine. Explosions thundered in the row of the Ukrainian cities. Verkhovna Rada entered a martial law in Ukraine. The Russian troops struck from the east after it, north and south.

From where the Russian troops attacked Ukraine

Russian soldiers struck from all directions at the same time. Tense fights proceeded on the line of collision on Donbas, and on Kherson, and in the row of north areas – to Chernihiv, Sumy, Kyiv and Kharkiv. Part of the Russian troops intruded to Ukraine from territory of Belarus.

Collisions were especially bitter near Sumy and in Gostomel under Kyiv, where the located air field of state enterprise of «Antonov» is. AFU forced to inflict an artillery blow to the airport, the hostile landing landed on that. Fights are there conducted now.

Also an aggressor applied a battle aviation against border guards and fighters of AFU on an island Serpentine. There, shelling from ship weapons continued almost all day.

It is known that Russian troops captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The condition of the former ChNPP facilities and nuclear waste storage facilities is unknown.

Losses of the Russian occupiers

Russia’s invasion began with the bombing of Ukraine’s strategic facilities. Already after that there were reports of crossing the border by military equipment, the appearance of Russian fighters and helicopters.

According to the latest data, since the beginning of the battle with the Ukrainian soldiers, the occupiers have already lost seven planes, four helicopters, as well as several dozen units of armored vehicles and about 100 personnel. In particular, in the Sumy region, the Ukrainian military neutralized 15 enemy tanks using Javelin portable missile systems.

There are also the first captured Russian military. Two Russian servicemen of the motorized rifle regiment were first detained. Later it became known that the reconnaissance platoon of the 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade of Russia surrendered to the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Chernihiv.

Losses among the Armed Forces and the civilian population

According to Health Minister Viktor Lyashko, 57 Ukrainians, both civilian and military, have died since the start of a new attack on Ukraine due to Russian aggression.

Sanctions against Russia

The President of the United States has announced sanctions against Russia’s largest banks, including VTB and its sectors. Washington will also limit Russia’s ability to conduct operations in particular with dollars and euros, expand sanctions against Russian elites and reduce Russia’s imports of high-tech products by 50%. At the same time, Russia will stop disconnecting from SWIFT. Biden says it could be the next step.

The UK has also said it will completely freeze the assets of Russia’s second-largest bank, VTB. In addition, the amount of money that Russian citizens can deposit into their bank accounts in the UK will be limited. Similar measures will be introduced for Belarus.

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